FBC’s Walk 4 The World & Lifeword Sunday

Saturday, October 9, we will have our annual Lifeword Walk 4 The World at Cave Springs City Park (392 E Johnson Ave, Cave Springs) beginning at 9AM.  Each year, churches of the BMA observe “Lifeword Sunday” – a special emphasis of prayer and giving for the ministry of Lifeword Media Ministries, one of our most effective missions efforts as a church association – Lifeword reaches up to 2 billion people a day through radio, TV, the internet. Help them expand broadcasts to reach the remaining 5 billion with the Good News. #LifewordSunday #WeTellTheStory https://lifeword.org/lifeword-sunday/

Walk 4 The World on Saturday, October 9 will take place at Cave Springs City Park – where where we who can, will walk the walking trail to total up to 3 miles.  Some have gotten pledges for miles (or laps) walked. Others simply make donations specified for this particular ministry, all to be submitted on Lifeword Sunday, October 24.

We have Lotts of fund and fellowship – while bringing attention to this incredible ministry.  While we all cannot be physical missionaries around the world, and to language groups we may have never even heard of – Lifeword does through broadcast and digital media – and you can be a part of that!

If you cannot be there at 9AM, that’s ok – we should be their until about 1PM. And if you cannot walk – come and encourage those who will and enjoy the outdoors and fellowship time.

Here is a video reminder of what Lifeword is all about…