Any regular meeting of FBC is a good time to come for a visit!  But, some of our ministry times and services may be a bit easier for some to engage with. Of course, everyone is welcome to our regular Sunday worship times – beginning with prayer at 9:45AM, Bible Fellowship classes at 10AM, followed by the morning Worship time at 11AM. We also meet on Sunday evenings at 6PM (except 2nd Sundays when we have our monthly Business meeting). Wednesdays during the School year, we have Ignite! Ministries – covering literacy all ages from small children to adults, beginning with a fellowship meal at 6PM and classes from 6:30-7:45PM. We also host Coffee & The Word Bible study at the local Cave Springs Coffee Company every Tuesday at 2PM.

What To Expect When I Visit?

Our focus is not on our outward appearance, but on what Jesus Christ can do to transform us from the inside out. Our pastor may or may not wear a coat and tie, and among the congregation you will find both men in suits, and men in jeans and t-shirts, women in dresses and women in pants and shirts. We do ask that you consider some degree of modesty, but the most important thing is that you come prepared to be loved and ministered to, as we strive to be welcoming to all!

Our worship style is a bit eclectic – covering light contemporary and instrumental music, to traditional hymns and gospel music. We genuinely desire to provide an avenue for everyone to worship in Spirit and Truth! Our pastor comes from a teaching background, so his preaching flows from that and would generally be classified as “expository” preaching, with a great deal of verse-by-verse teaching, all in a format that one can learn and grow from. Oh – and don’t worry about being singled out, as we won’t put you on the spot or single you out because you are new.  But don’t be surprised if you get lots of handshakes and, if you are receptive, even hugs!