First Baptist Church was established in 1880 in Cave Springs with the most important goal possible – to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ: To make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). Through many years, FBC has endeavored to continue this mission through times of plenty and times of relative famine, and through a long series of men called to lead.

Today, First Baptist Continues this mission through her various ministry areas and a constant prayer-driven quest to engage our culture and area with the Gospel, whether it be through direct physical and spiritual help, or events dedicated to seeing name of Jesus lifted up. Yet regardless of how complicated things can get, how busy life may grow, and how many programs we may utilize, the ultimate goal remains the same – to make disciples.

If you are not currently actively involved in the ministry of a church, or are simply seeking a place to actually serve and worship as we are called together – we would encourage you to pay us a visit and find your place…